Total Plumbing Solutions Family

“Service not measured by gold, but by the Golden Rule.”






Joe Gillispie has been in the mechanical field for over 30 years, both commercial and residential.  Starting out as a helper, Joe worked for a small mechanical firm for a few years.  He did work on new construction as well as repair work on residential homes.  Joe went on to work at a large building complex, working on large boilers, cooling towers, chillers and all phases of plumbing.  Through the years, Joe ran large jobs for various companies from helper to project manager.

After years of working in the plumbing industry, Joe saw an opportunity to create a plumbing company that would put the customer first.  He opened Total Plumbing Solutions in 2007 and has since served Wise County and surrounding areas.  At TPS, we believe it is our job to do work to the best of our ability and get it right the first time.