Serving Wise & surrounding counties in North Texas

General Plumbing

Locate and repair leaks (water, sewer, gas)
Install and repair pipes (water, gas, sewer) copper, PVC, galvanized, black iron
Stop ups – tub, sink, toilet
Clean drain lines
Repair slab leaks
Repair leaky toilets
Tree root cleaning
Repair sump pumps
Septic systems


Water heaters (gas, electric, tankless, standard)
Garbage disposals
Faucets & sinks (inside, outside)
Tubs & showers
Water filtration systems & filters
Septic (aerobic & traditional)
Washing machines


Gas lines
Water pressure

New construction or remodel

Dig up & replace old pipe (PVC, black iron, galvanized)
Install new lines, drains, clean outs, toilets, vanities, faucets, tub/showers for new construction
Move/add toilets, showers, faucets, sinks for remodel